When my son was born he got a ton of cute,thoughtful, necessary, and beautiful gifts — but there were three that stuck out in my mind that were really special and unique. They’re not expensive and a really nice token to give to some to let you know you’re thinking of them and sharing in their joy.

My favorite is the Star Majic Solar Powered Rainbow Maker, I really enjoyed this gift too! It’s a  sworarovski crystal solar powered rain bow maker that self adheres to a window. It creates a prism which creates natural rainbows all over the room. Not only does it stimulate the baby, it projects good energy everywhere it shines.It’s about $25 and you can find it on www.starmajic.com I’m sure if you do some searching on the web you may find it for less but it’s definitely here. They have a few different styles.

Another popular unique gift that stimulates young infants are Folmanis Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Puppets. They are only about $5, but put it on your finger and your baby will trace it around the room with their eyes everywhere.It’s a great stimulation tool.

I have seen these two toys above from time to time at Miller’s Toys in Mamaroneck on 335 Mamaroneck Avenue. 914 698 5070 www.millerstoys.com

Finally, www.craftefamily.com designs baby blocks that list the baby’s name, time of birth, date, weight, size, name of of parents, hospital born, and gift giver. They start around $17 and are a sweet memento.