Cultivating healthy communication improves every aspect of your marriage. Relationships are hard enough as it as, but throw in financial issues, family pressures and children, and the problems multiply and the real challenges begin. Counseling can help couples work through these issues, as well as gain a better understanding of themselves as individuals and their impact on the family and relationship dynamic. Here are our best picks for marriage counselors in the Bronx.


Professional Counseling Center offers personalized service for those with relationship difficulties seeking couples counseling, divorce counseling and marriage annulment assessment.  Their fee is determined on a case by case basis, and they offer day and evening appointments at their Manhattan and Bronx locations, making it more convenient and flexible for the working couple. 9 Fordham Hill Oval, Suite 1B.

Dr. Eliot Kaplan offers a relaxed and non threatening approach to marriage counseling, working with couples and individuals who seek a wide range of support, from marriage/family counseling to anger management and domestic violence prevention.  At no extra cost, he’ll throw in anger and conflict resolution, as well an initial free phone consultation. Fee is determined on a sliding scale. 535 West 246th St.

Counseling Services of New York helps those who struggles go beyond just marriage and relationships issues. They provide services for individuals with problems in the areas of chemical abstinence, career development and offers personalized treatments and assistance for those seeking to rebuild family and personal relationships, as well as social networks. 911 Walton Ave Ste 1-B.