As young girls we think about finding our Mr. Right or as fairy tales call them “Prince Charming.” We grow up with this notion of what we like and find attractive both inside and out in a potential partner. In an ideal world the man we choose to marry and/or have a family with would fit the mold of the man we have dreamed about our whole lives in every way. However, in reality as many already know, nothing goes exactly the way we planned. So why should  our relationships be any different. The thing is we are no longer little girls and this relationship means a lot more and has a lot more at stake than what we had with our first boyfriend or high school sweetheart. In this relationship we have all made some form of committment to this person for life, whether you made the vows ’til death do we part or you share a child/children together. Because of these vows and committments made, it is at least worth it to see a third neutral party to help you and your partner work on your relationship. But primarily it is worth trying to save and work out any kinks or problems in the relationship for the children. Rather than have them grow up amongst the issues and animosity towards one another, they can grow up in a loving home with excellent comunication and compromise. For those of you moms who want to save a relationship, work on a relationship, or use as preventitive measures, here are a few of our best picks for best relationship/marriage coaches in Brooklyn. but remember…both you and your partner need to be in this 100%!

Dr. Carol Vinson, Ph.D

Working with clients since 1980, Dr. Vinson can help you and your partner remember why you fell in love in the first place. Through sessions with her you will be able to work on communication, working as a team, and fixing any kinks in the relationship. She can also work with you individually if you need someone to vent to.

Center for Family Life in Sunset Park

Founded in 1978, they can help your whole family’s dynaminc. Whether it is you and your husband who are having problems, you and your pre-teen, or if your child needs someone to talk to privately – and who is not a parent- they can help. Through a series of activities in and out of the center and counseling, your whole family can feel better about them selves and start on a path to a happier life. They also offer the opportunity to volunteer for community service and youth employment.

Keene Murray Therapy

Intent on helping individuals, couples, families, and children on understanding and working on fixing their problems and approach to life. Based in Park Slope, the licensed clinicians can offer help in a nonjudgemental, caring approach. You are sure to feel a little better once you leave the