Hello.  My name is Kristin Salek.  And I’m a coffee addict.  There, I said it…finally.

Oh my goodness, do I really love a good cup of coffee.  I’m sitting here right now drinking a wonderful cup New Orleans roast.  Yes…I do have my canned coffee sent up from the bayou of Louisiana because I love the savory coffee and chicory blend (which is definitely an acquired taste I must say; on the strong side but packs a good solid punch).  Lucky for me, my hubby is also a significant coffee snob and feeds into my high and mighty addiction also.  It would only be appropriate that once I moved to Queens, I would search high and low to find some of the best coffee shops that one person could find here.


This quaint coffee house is a terrific addition to the Kew Gardens neighborhood.  Located right next to the Kew Gardens LIRR station, they truly have an impressive cup of coffee.  Serving everything from espresso, cappuccino, lattes, and teas, Odradek’s even serves paninis, wraps and salads as well.  A warm atmosphere for both singles and parents alike, this great find even offers up free Wi-Fi.  So if you need to travel into the city or need a boost after stepping off of the railroad, this is a great place for your local caffeine fix.


The aromas that dwindle out onto the street from this new local bakery are just a wonderful attack on the senses.  Known for its wonderful artisan breads and breakfast treats, La Boulangerie serves up a wonderful cup of coffee.  It’s a charming little place off of Austin Street that provides a warm atmosphere and has a bookshelf loaded up with lots of children’s books…a big plus for me as a mom.  The service is very friendly, but expect to wait on a long line because this hidden gem is hidden no longer and crowds are the norm.  If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely swing by and check it out…it’s definitely worth the wait.

SWEETLEAF LIC – Long Island City, NY

Let’s put it to you this way…if you go to Google and type in “coffee in long island city, ny,” Sweetleaf LIC is the first to pop up on the list.  I’ve heard a rumor that this local hot spot serves the best espresso in the city, and as if my opinion really means anything, I really have to agree.  Selling great pour-over coffee by friendly baristas and tasty sweets and treats, this charming place is really good place to sit down inside and drink an iced coffee…in a real glass, not in a unpleasant, plastic cup.  Needless to say, whenever I’m in Long Island City, I totally hit up Sweetleaf.  It’s absolutely a place where you’ll feel really hip and cool, while drinking your equally hip and cool beverage.